Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello world.

This is a new blog, because I was sick of the title of the old one.

I'll explain the title sometime. It's a good story, I promise. At least, as my stories go.


  1. From Facebook:

    1. Daniel Mee: Where did the title of your blog come from?
    March 28 at 3:35pm

    2. Doug Dillaman: The inimitable Ramon Medina, whose philosophy has greatly influenced my life.
    March 28 at 3:52pm

    3. Daniel Mee: Interesting. I believe the Circle of Quality may have been a KTRU concept; I'm not sure if it originated with Ramon or if he got it from someone else there.

    March 28 at 4:00pm

    4. Doug Dillaman: I remember reading about it first in his review of a CD (I think it was by Yard Trauma), where he explained at great length. I hadn't heard of it at KTRU before. Which doesn't necessarily mean he generated it, of course, but hopefully he'll swing by soon enough to reveal THE SECRET ORIGINS OF THE CIRCLE OF QUALITY!

    And I have that Jonx song, though it slipped my mind when I made the blog. Indicative of how intriguing of a concept it is.
    March 28 at 4:03pm